• Al Roche

Do You Really Care About Me?

If you are a sales professional or a small business owner, your job or part of your job is to find or locate prospects for your products or services.

At some point, you are going to start engaging the prospects to get them closer to becoming a customer.

This engaging process may include phone calls, emails, literature, social media connecting, a presentation and maybe a personal visit. All of this is designed to let the prospect know that you have an answer to their business needs.

But, is that enough?

I believe that there is something else going on in this sales process that many sales professionals and business owners miss.

You may have the best solution to our business need, but “do you care about me”?

And that I believe is the missing piece at times.

You might say why. Well, sometimes your having the solution to a customer needs is a bit more complex. Your solutions may serve their needs but can I trust that you are recommending the best solution or your solution.

If you care about me and what impact my doing business with you will have on me, my career, my position or my business, I’m only comfortable with this, if I know you care about me.

I’m sure as you are reading this blog, that many sales professionals or business owners may have lost sales when they were convinced that they had the best solution at the right price for that customer.

Maybe you need to insert yourself into the sales process in a way that the customer feels that you care about them.

How do I do that?

Easy! At times focus your attention on them and not the solution. How will this decision impact them?

It’s a starting point.

Al Roche

Chief Sales Strategist

SalesCatchers Marketing

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