• Al Roche

Where were you when I needed you?

You put on your best show to get that appointment with that all important prospect. You called them and said all the right things to get the appointment.

You focused on their needs and presented to them the solution you have to their problems.

You even brought a new suit, got a haircut and washed your car. You stayed up half the night preparing for that all special presentation. You called the prospect the day before the meeting to confirm the appointment and, the secretary confirmed it. You even sent an email confirmation the day before the meeting.

Everything seems OK!

Your meeting is at 10:30 AM. You arrive 30 minutes early to get prepared. You want nothing to go wrong. But at 10:25 AM the secretary comes out and tell you that Mr. Prospect will not be able to meet today. She asked for your business card so that she can call you to reschedule the meeting.

You politely get up and say “no problem”. I’ll wait for your call for a new meeting day and time.

As you are walking away, you are not disappointed, you are moving toward a level of rage that very few witness unless they’ve had an experience like this.

This Is What You Are Told To Do.

Suck it up! Be a professional! These things happen in sales! So just followup for a new appointment.

Are They Serious!

This Is What You Really Want To Do!

Return the following day and find his car in the parking lot and cut all four of his tires.

No it is not all right for us to be treated that way, especially from business people who have sales people of their own.

Al Roche

Chief Sales Strategist

SalesCatchers Marketing

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