• Al Roche

Could Sales Professionals Benefit From Seeing A Therapist?

I know, can you imagine a sales professional lying on a couch spilling their guts about their feelings. Their feelings in regards to sales.

But, why not?

It’s an occupation which involves the development of many connections and relationships. And within those connections and relationships, there is constant disappointments, betrayal, stress, euphoria, depressions, unhappiness, excitement and other emotions that I need not mention.

And don’t forget fear!

What makes this worse is that this is compounded by the fact that this is also the way they make their living. It put bread on the table And sales professionals are confronted with these emotional highs and lows every single day.

Who do they talk to about it? No one that I know of. They carry this with them every day.

Now back to the therapist. Being able to lay down and talk to a therapist about;

1. A sale that you lost after you’ve put so much into it 2. The prospects keep avoiding you 3. Prospects breaking their appointments with you 4 Presentations that leads nowhere 5. Customers not responding to you

The list can go on.

You are probably thinking what most people would think about this. They probably need more sales training, personal development or some kind of coaching.

But that not what this is about. No matter how skilled or developed you are, the issues I mentioned above, affects everyone.

This need to be talked out! Let me give you an example.

Sales Professional: I just had a bad day today!

Therapist: Want to talk about it?

Sales Professional: Well a prospect and I had set an appointment to meet at his office on a specific day and time. When I got to his office, he wasn't in.

Therapist: How did that make you feel?

Sales Professional: I was actually upset. And the more I thought about it the more upset I became.

Therapist: Why were you so upset?

Sales Professional: I guess I don't know how could a person be so inconsiderate. It ruins my whole day. I just could not function well after that.

Therapist: Did you express your feelings to the prospect.

Sales Professionals: Heck no! Are you crazy? I still need that sale. I just needed to get my feelings out. My wife won’t listen to me. I’ll see you next week doc.

Will a therapist help? I don’t know. But, is it good to keep all of this stuff in?

Breath in, breath out.

Al Roche

Chief Sales Strategist

SalesCatchers Marketing


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