• Al Roche

Are Sales Professionals More Important Than Astronauts?

No, I have not lost my mind. And please don't send me any nasty replies. I like astronauts. They are important but not nearly as important as sales professionals.

Sure they may take us into space and whirl around the universe every decade or so, but if they did not, I don't think we'll miss much.

Now, the sales professional. This is a different story. I know they get a bad rap and maybe in some cases, it's warranted. But I want you to keep one thing in mind, that if something is not sold, nothing happens. What do I mean? I'll lay it out for you.

  • If a sales professional do not sell a house, no one moves in.

  • If a sales professional do not sell a car, no one drives away.

  • If a sales professional do not sell an airplane, no one flies.

  • If a sales professional do not sell a transport truck, nothing gets transported.

We can go on with this until there is no more space on this computer, but I won't.

But, there is more!

You see if the house is not sold, the builders don't have any work. If the car is not sold, the manufacturer closes and the workers are out of work. If the workers are out of work they can't make purchases and pay taxes.

I can go on and on with this too, but again, I won't.

You see, not much happens unless a sales professional sells something.

Even the spaceship that the astronauts travel in was sold to NASA by a sales professional. And the space program itself has to be constantly sold every few years to the federal government, by a sales professional.

You see, we even need the help of sales professionals to get us to the moon.

So sales professionals from all over the world, start looking at your profession in a different way. Nothing would get done if it wasn't for you. Nothing!

How about a sales professional day folks!

Al Roche

Chief Sales Strategist

SalesCatchers Marketing