• Al Roche

Catch Me If You Can Sales Professional!

Remember the movie, “Catch Me If You Can” about Frank Abagnale Jr., starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s a funny movie. No matter what they did, they just couldn’t catch him until the end. But remember, it’s only a movie that must have an ending. And it ended with Abagnale being hired by the Feds and making millions to boot.

But as a sales professional, the ending could be nothing, notta!

Now at times when you're pursuing a prospect, don’t you feel that sometimes the prospect is saying “catch me if you can”! I don’t know about you, but I feel that way sometimes. All of those ignored emails, phone calls and text messages

So, what do you do? It depends!

Is your prospect saying “catch me if you can” to see how skilled or creative you might be at getting them to respond, if the phone calls, emails and text messages are ineffective. Because if that’s the case then you better throw away all of that training info and try something different.

During my period in the computer business, I had a prospect that just had me going in circles. They were interested in what I had to offer but, would not respond to me at all. I called and email the person a number of times and got no response.

So what did I do?

I decided to picked up some Mexican food from this great restaurant, even though I didn’t know if he like Mexican food or not. This was really a gamble. I went to his office and told his secretary that I had brought lunch to have with Mr. Liven. His real name. He came out and said he didn’t know anything about a lunch appointment. I said that we did not have an appointment, but I had brought some great Mexican food that I thought we all could enjoy.

The secretary eyes lit up. I had enough for her too.

He said OK! I had some work to do but I can take a few minutes for lunch. He mentioned that he had never eaten Mexican food before, but what the heck, he would try it. We ate and talked, ate and talk. We never talked about business. He ended up loving Mexican food.

I finally got their business shortly after that. They brought 7 computer, 3 printers and a host of software packages, including training.

He told me later, that the reason for the delay was that they had not decided who to go with. Both companies had great proposals so it was a difficult decision process. But what he saw in me that one day made him see me as something other that a sales professional, he saw me as a human being, a person.

When he said that it hit me hard. He saw me as a human being, a person. WOW! So, try taking off your sales hat and show the prospect your human side. It just might work. It just might!

Al Roche

Chief Sales Strategist

SalesCatchers Marketing

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