• Al Roche

Your Email Is One Of Your Representatives!

Emails have been around for quite some time and is one of the most common forms of communications, especially for business and sales professionals.

Before that, it was mostly letters. Remember the “Thank You” letter. How about the letter you sent to introduce yourself to prospects. What about that followup letter to your customers?

Remember how they look? You just send that information out on your companies letterhead using courier type and black ink. That’s it!

But, you wouldn’t send that information out on a plain white sheet of paper, with no logo on your envelope. This representation of you could make the prospect take off, and the customer rethinks their relationship with you.

But, that is exactly what most business owners and sales professionals do. They send that plain looking email from their Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account out to prospects and customers.

But I want you to think about something!

Imagine for a minute that the emails that you are sending out as being one of your

representatives, who have been given the responsibilities of delivering various forms of information to your customers or prospects.

The first thing that would concern you is their appearance!


Well if you’ve ever done door to door like I have, your appearance can determine whether or not you get in the door.

Second, if you get in and get the opportunity to present your product or service to the customer or prospect, it better be good. You know the term, the first impression is lasting, and you only get one chance.

If your appearance is shabby and your presentation is bad, you are out the door and told never to return.

Now, what does this have to do with emails?

Well, the subject line of your email is very important. It’s your representative going door to door for you. If that subject line is not appealing (appearance) then they won’t let you in. They won’t open the email.

And by chance, if your subject line gets them to let you in and, the email is unattractive, boring with scribbles of text, lengthy and a lack of white space, they won’t let you present. They won’t read the email.

Your Email Representative need to;

1. Attract

2. Engage

3. Stand Out

4. Give Value

5. Thank

6. Stay In Touch

7. Followup

8. Build Relationships

If your email representative is not getting in the door (not opened) and, not getting any presentations ( read and click ), then you need to change email systems.

That’s what I did. It wasn’t easy to stop using my Gmail and Yahoo accounts to send important emails to my prospects and customers. I’ve used them for that purpose for years.

Now that I’ve changed, I think both are suffering from separation anxiety. But, I’m happy to be getting the highest email opened and click rates than I’ve ever had. So make the change.

Al Roche

Chief Sales Strategist

SalesCatchers Marketing


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