• Al Roche

What You Can Learn From Fridays About Email Marketing!

Why Your Website Need To Do What Restaurants Like Fridays Do

Every time visitors visit your website, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will leave your website and what you will end of with is an empty hand. You've had a great website built or one revamped. You're excited about the prospect of driving visitors to your website and hearing the cash register ringing.

Well before we start celebrating, let's back up a minute.

Let's say you have a thousand visitors to your website every day. Well over 975 will leave your website almost immediately. The other 25 will leave eventually buying nothing. And many will leave and never return. Missed opportunity!

The answer is email marketing

I know, you may not like emails. That's OK! We're not talking about you. We're talking about the billions of people on the planet. OK!

Just so you know before you start talking about social media, which I like and use for my business, email marketing has a 4300% ROI. Social and print media are great tools and depending on your business, you should be using them but in terms of being able to stay directly connected to prospects and customers in the most personal way nothing comes closer than email marketing.

But what does this have to do with restaurants like Fridays

Well restaurants like Fridays, Applebees and Olive Garden realize that they're in a very competitive race for customer. Not only first time customers, but repeat customers. So how do we get them to come back when they leave.

The Challenge

There are literally thousands of restaurants including fast foods that are clamoring for your business everyday. And since consumers have so many choices, getting them into your restaurant is tough enough, but getting them to return after their first visit can be almost impossible.

So Fridays along with other chain restaurants use offer to get your email address. Something similar to a bribe. On your visit, they offer you a special offer such as a free desert, 20% off on your next if you provide them with your email address. Some even use your birthday as an option for getting your email address.

Once they get that email address, you can continue to send emails about other offers that can benefit your subscribers.

And study show that this works!

But how do you get visitors to come back after they leave your website.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves! You first have to get them to visit your website, the same as restaurants like Fridays have to get you to visit their restaurants. This is where ads and posting on social media can help. By placing an offer on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest, you can drive people to your website so that they can take advantage of your offer.

Use what we call "offers". When you visit these restaurant one of the things that they all do is offer you a free desert or 20% off on your next visit. There's only one requirement. We need your email address. Once they get your email address they start sending you more offers and it works.

Well you can do the same thing on your website.


This is where popups come in handy on your website. I realize that to some it can be somewhat annoying, but it works. Some people that visit your website may not be ready to purchase or to do business with you at that time, but will leave their email address to be informed of a special or signup for future discounts or to get a free e-book on a subject that interest them.

If you have a brick and mortar business like Fridays then you have the capacity to get that customer on the first visit to provide you with their email address to keep that customer engage so that they visit again and again and again.

Interestingly though, many small business owners and professionals have the same capacity as Fridays, but won't employ it. Email is basically free and if you want to really power up like Fridays, then you can pick from any of the most powerful auto-responders on the market. Any you can get some of these for as little as $20.00 per month. So follow Fridays and other big restaurants and retailers who are using email marketing to capture new customers and to keep them coming back.

Al Roche

Certified Partner at OutStand